Patronato de San Sebastian de Tarlac, Inc.

The Patronato de San Sebastian de Tarlac, Inc. is a non stock, non profit SEC-registered corporation organized primarily to address the need of Catholics in the Diocese of Tarlac in evangelization and education about their Catholic Faith. Initially, the organization will concentrate on the cathechetical programs of the parishes in coordination with the different parishes.

Vision Statement

An organization of dynamic Catholic individuals, inspired by the life and martyrdom of St. Sebastian to help the church, in particular the Diocese of Tarlac, in her pursuit of renewed evangelization, formation of the families and of the young, service to the poor and marginalized, and rehabilitation of the places of worship and prayer.


Special mass once a year specifically for Patronato de San Sebastian, Inc. and its members, donors and patrons, and is presided by the Bishop of Tarlac.


Special Intentions for the members are held during the regular Tuesday masses of the Tarlac Cathedral Parish designated as the day for San Sebastian.

Special intentions for the members are held during the Novena masses for San Sebastian annually at Tarlac City Fiesta Celebration.