Patronato de San Sebastian de Tarlac, Inc.

An Open Invitation

We are pleased to introduce PATRONATO DE SAN SEBASTIAN DE TARLAC, INC.- organized in the Diocese of Tarlac by a group of concerned Catholics to meet and resolve impending problems in our community...most importantly the decreasing awareness and increasing indifferences of our responsibilities as Catholics.

In many developed countries, we have observed dwindling attendance in Church functions to practically zero. This is not yet happening in our country- but many of those who observe the "rituals" do not know why...or even how!

We view the situation with alarm. We feel there is a lack of proper instruction and awareness...there is an acute need for trained catechists who can share...for youth formation...for more people to get involved. Our principal function in this regard is to "raise the needed funds" for these activities and to induce more participation among the laity. If you share this anxiety with us...we invite you to join our small group and make it grow.

Anticipating your kind reaction to our invitation...thank you very much...

Mariano Un Ocampo III

Types of membership

I - Donors, Patrons or Contributors. Individuals or Companies who contribute money or otherwise to the Patronato de San Sebastian de Tarlac, Inc. The amount to be donated has no limit in amount nor frequency.

II - Members. Individuals who signify their intention to be sustaining members of the Patronato de San Sebastian de Tarlac, Inc. by contributing regularly to the corporation with no time frame. The initial amount of contribution is 100 pesos.


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